Certified Meatball Company

Don’t let the name fool you, the Certified Meatball Company serves much more than your average meatballs. I stopped in for brunch this weekend with a few friends, and will definitely be going back again. Certified Meatball is located on West Broadway, right next door to Lincoln. The interior of the restaurant is beautiful, though the best part may be the large retractable roof. It is FINALLY starting to feel like spring around here, so it was a nice surprise to see it open. 


We started off our brunch the right way, with a few Bloody Mary’s. They have an extensive drink menu and offer a few specials for brunch. I tried a classic bloody— the mix was good and well seasoned. Their specialty bloody, the Mary Rose, has a more marinara taste rather than your classic bloody, and is pretty good. 


We couldn’t decide between sweet or savory to start, so of course we chose both. We split the Brunch Poutine: two fried eggs and sausage breakfast balls over tater tot poutine. The Poutine was rich and cheesy, a perfect dish to split.


For our sweet side, we couldn’t resist trying the CDW— certified doughnut waffle. It was served with a bacon maple glaze, and smothered in whipped cream, sprinkles, and crispy bacon. If you come here for brunch and you like sweet things AT ALL, this is a MUST order. 


Surprisingly after sharing those two starters we had room for more, and ordered the Brunchwich— two fried eggs, cheese, your choice of meatball, and bacon, served on a house made biscuit and served with a heaping portion of tater tots. The biscuit was perfect— flaky and buttery, but also held the sandwich together well. 


Brunch at Certified Meatball Company is a must— especially if you’re feeling indulgent. I can’t wait for the weather to get warmer to enjoy the open roof. Come on, Summer!