Local 149

Located on the East side of Southie, Local 149 stays true to their name with an inviting neighborhood feel. The restaurant itself is cozy and unpretentious, perfect for a lazy Sunday brunch in your sweatpants. The tables are covered in chalk paint, and each table has a few colorful chalks to keep you entertained throughout your meal. 

A friend and I wanted to grab a last minute brunch, and Local 149 was the perfect spot. They had reservations available, and we were seated right away (we even found parking directly outside!). We started with a few drinks, including the Bloody Mary and the iced mocha— both were delicious! Local has a great beer selection and cocktail menu, so you really can’t go wrong here.

It took us a few minutes to decide what we wanted to order, because there were so many good options. We ultimately asked the waitress for her recommendation, and chose the Short Rib Ragu (Braised beef short rib, cheddar grits, 2 poached eggs, corn salsa) and the Steak and Tots (shaved steak, tater tots, pub cheese, pico de gallo, 2 eggs). I also snuck in an order of the fruity pebble waffle sliders, because I mean, if you see those on the menu are you really going to pass them up? 

The waffle sliders were a perfect dish to split if you’re looking for something sweet. I had the steak and tots and it. was. GOOD. Think Philly cheese steak meets breakfast kind of good.  I didn’t sneak a bite of the Ragu, but my brunch buddy really liked it. She said the short ribs were very flavorful and tender, and she highly recommends with a side of Sriracha! 

There are at least six other things I want to try on this brunch menu, so I’ll definitely be back. Have you been to Local 149 for brunch? I’d love to know your thoughts and recommendations!