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Long Weekend Guide to Newport

Long Weekend Guide to Newport

Ahhh LDW. The unofficial end of summer, last chance to wear white pants, and the beginning of the end of patio season. LDW usually falls into the same category as New Year’s Eve for me— all this pressure to have the MOST fun plans that usually end up being kind of a let down.

But lucky for me, I choose my friends well— and they got married in Newport this weekend. It was the perfect excuse to make a long weekend even longer and go exploring.

A few old friends, more Truly’s than I can (or should) count, and tons of fun activities made this LDW exceed all of the expectations.

Even if you don’t have a wedding to use as an excuse to get down to Newport for a weekend, I’d highly recommend it. There’s tons to do, delicious places to eat, and great places to ‘gram.

Here are a few spots I loved:

Bar ‘Cino

bar cino newport ri

A beautifully designed space that was less than a 5 minute walk from our Air BnB, Bar ‘Cino was the perfect spot to kick off our Newport Weekend. Our first priority was splitting a bottle of rosé (gotta soak up summer while it lasts, right?), and then we had such a hard time deciding what to order.

Bar Cino Newport

Don’t miss the prosciutto, fig, and goat cheese bruschetta or the paccheri (roasted chicken, evoo confit tomato, broccoli rabe, parmesan).

Nitro Bar

If you even KIND of like coffee, you have to make a stop at the Nitro Bar. They have delicious and creative lattes, and it’s a great spot to grab a quick breakfast before heading out for the day. Our Air BnB was directly above the Nitro Bar, which ended up being a LIFESAVER after all the aforementioned Truly’s.

nitro bar newport

The Wilbur ended up being my favorite (nitro + coconut milk + cinnamon + coconut flakes), but the standard vanilla was also pretty good.

nitro vanilla latte


If you’re here in the summer and really looking to live that resort life, Gurney’s has to be on your list. There’s a bunch of different restaurants to try out, but if you’re really looking for a poolside feel, try The Pineapple Club. I can highly recommend the mudslides the Pina Coladas (and let’s be honest, the chicken tenders and fries were pretty damn good too.


verde newport

A completely random find, Verde is a cute little plant shop that reminded me a lot of Niche in Boston.

Stoneacre Brasserie

stoneacre brasserie

Another spot we stumbled into after the Corner Cafe had a super long wait, but I’m glad we did. The interior was so cute and rustic, and the food ended up being great. The menu changes frequently to be seasonal, but when we stopped in I really liked soft scrambled cheesy eggs.



Besides the wedding, this was without a doubt the highlight of the weekend. We rented scooters from Scooter World and had an absolute blast riding along the coast and by all of the mansions. Important things to note: you need some sort of experience to rent the scooters, and they do test you. They have other fun things you can rent to take around town too, but the scooters were so. much. fun.

Places I wanted to try but ran out of time:

Where else did I miss? What’s your favorite spot in Newport? Let me know in the comments!

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